on the Cross God gives Himself. He becomes the Husband to the grieving widow (Isaiah 54:5), the Comforter to the barren woman (Isaiah 54:1), the Father of the orphaned (Psalm 10:14), the Bridegroom to the single person (Isaiah 62:5), the Healer to the sick (Exodus 15:26), the Wonderful Counsellor to the confused and depressed (Isaiah 9:6), the Freedom for the spiritually imprisoned, the Shepherd to the lost (John 10:11), the Binding for the brokenhearted, and the Good News for the poor (Isaiah 61:1). He becomes the substitution for our sins and brings forgiveness, acceptance and unconditional love to those who call upon His name. so much was accomplished those 6 hours that Friday.

bald hill, sydney australia / fujifilm x100 / vsco film
instagram: @athenagracee